Jessi Little

Actor | Singer | Cabaret Artist




Much Love during this Pandemic

I see the light!

Jessi Little is best known for her onstage work in countless musicals, plays, and cabarets west of the Mississippi. Her ability to engage audiences has allowed her to host and entertain at fundraisers and events for arts organizations, hospitals, and nonprofits across the northwest.  She is a recent transplant to Atlanta, Georgia where she is continuing to pursue her love for the theatre, but also to begin pursuing film, television, and stand-up.  

If described using only fictional characters she would be a Jessica Day with less bow, meets Elizabeth Bennet reading Tolkien.  She is passionate about sustainable living, ethical consumerism, faith, comedy, and stories that explore truth, nuance, and hope.

"If I seem too passionate, it’s because I care.

If I come on strong, it’s because I feel strongly, and if I push too hard,

it’s because things aren’t moving fast enough."

                                                   - Leslie Knope